So many times weeks, months or even years go by where we give all we can to the ones we love to a point of where we don’t have anything left to ourselves. Sure we treat ourselves to a chocolate now and then or convince ourselves that this new dress for a client presentation is “a well-earned gift”. But how much and how often do we really take the time to take care of ourselves?

Taking care of you is not just taking care physically, but also mentally and emotionally. It is vital for our bodies and our minds to have that break from the glaring screens and constant bickering – take yourself out, girl, you deserve this.

It’s not breaking news that people are more stressed than ever, and more people suffer at the hands of mental illness. Wellness Coach Elizabeth Scott names that self-care actually makes you better at taking care of those around you. Taking care of others can burn you out, and she further notes that if you neglect your own personal needs, you endanger your self-esteem and overall happiness. Self-care’s most important benefit is the relief of stress, dealing with stressful environments does create a toll your body cannot handle, and we weren’t built for this. Also it is important to have alone time, even if you are happily married, you’re still your own individual who needs to grow and be nurtured.*

Some easy ways to start practising some self- care is to drink more water, get enough sleep, eat them greens and also to get a bit physical. That takes care of our physical bodies. Mental self- care is not as simple, since there are different things that work for different people. I don’t know how many of you like to get crafty with a crochet hook, but to me that’s a creative outlet that helps me relax and systematically sort out my mind-clutter.

Although these things take just a few minutes out of the gigantic 24 hours we have (and it never seems enough), sometimes we need a proper pamper party or date night, but for ourselves and  by ourselves. Here’s a list of some of my favourite self-care date night ideas:

  1. Binge watch that show you’ve wanted to start. This one is simple: grab your comfiest PJ’s, your favourite snacks, mute that phone and watch how Randy selects the perfect dress for every bride. Or maybe you prefer some Captain America style action, whatever your poison, binge it like it’s hot!
  2. Fall into another world by picking up that book collecting dust for the past five years. (I know there’s a novel you’ve promised to read more than once). Another simple and non-budget-breaking way of taking care. Be it the classic Jane Eyre, some tantalizing Fifty Shades, or some juicy Gossip Girl, pair that book with a bottle of wine, perhaps a bubble bath and drench in the fictional world. A day in a coffee shop (preferably with bottomless coffee) is also a great way of getting yourself out of the house but still keeping the silence and seclusion.
  3. Have a spa day. Whether you are a crafty DIY-er or the girl with her bi-monthly appointments scheduled in advance, treat yourself to a pamper session fit for a queen. For some DIY spa tips and tricks, my go to is LUSH and The Body Shop for ready to use, or scout Pinterest for some DIY treatments. Grab some bath bombs, a facial mask and even some essential oils lo lather up and soak all the stress away.
  4. Be the independent woman you are and have a good old singles date. This does sounds daunting, I admit, but at the same time it’s so empowering to be able to take yourself to a new restaurant or to your favourite cosy spot and enjoy a meal.

For those who are more social and outgoing, binge, eat and drink with some friends! Or if you’re the ultimate life of the party, go sing up a storm at the nearest karaoke bar, or have a night out dancing with your girls. It might not be complete self-care, but group care also has its benefits too.

At the end of the day, you are a strong, able, and beautiful woman who deserves being loved by herself, so take the professionals’ advice and go spoil yourself.


*Read Elizabeth Scott’s full article on self-care here.

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