Why should you even set goals for 2019?

Bill Copeland says it well -“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score”.

We have already reflected on 2018, now its time to put pen to paper, your vision and your goals for 2019.  In the words of Marc Victor Hansen “set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.” I truly want you to “Put your future in good hands-your own”.

This December I was touched by Michelle Obama’s journey in her book: Becoming.  A journey that started at a place, not in support of her husband’s ideals and desires. Moving to a place of campaigning next to him. What shifted? What created the drive, the vision, the passion in her?

While Barrack was thinking of standing for President, many people would ask him, “Are you running for President” And he would respond: “I don’t know yet, it has to be a family decision.”

Michelle reflected for a long-time, that his vision of making large scale change in the political space, didn’t marry her ideals of having a supporting spouse at home for her and the girls. Until something shifted…

She took her one daughter for her check up at the doctor and found out that her BMI was completely out.   She realized that besides being super-mom, running her career and kids’ life’s effortlessly, she had dropped the ball, and started relying on microwave dinners, take-aways and unhealthy habits had crept into their life’s -causing weight gain for the kids.

She appointed a gentleman to cook healthy dinners a few evenings for them as a family.  One evening over a glass of wine, he spoke to her about Childhood obesity being a huge issue in America. And how he wished that there could be an initiative to help children become healthier. And suddenly the lights went on. She started developing a fire in her belly, and she bought into Barrack’s dream. She realized if he became President, and she was First Lady- she could be able to run projects that could benefit children and lower Childhood Obesity!

I was blown away when I saw how she made it a reality with the: “ Let’s move” initiative: https://letsmove.obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/ . Lowering the sugar intake in children’s foods, getting them to move and be healthy.

Why do you want to achieve certain goals in 2019 or take your business to the next level?

What is so important about reaching that goal, becoming that person, impacting those businesses or life’s?

When you understand why you want to do something or be someone, and what the impact will be on the clients, people in your surrounding when that happens? Then your vision starts steam-rolling into action.

Take out your pen and paper, and let’s start plotting it out together:

What do you want to achieve?

  1. Can you write it in the positive?
  2. Is it in your own-control? If not, what is in your own control, allowing you still to become that person, getting those results?
  3. How would you need to be, to be able to achieve this? Can you sit down and make a movie in your mind of exactly what you want your vision to play out.  Blow it up big on a TV or Cinema Screen and imagine that you cast yourself as the lead in the story.  Imagine how you are feeling, what you are seeing, and what you are doing, smelling and tasting in that moment.
  4. What will it give you if you’ve achieved this goal?
  5. Why is it so important to you? Can you keep on asking yourself the Why question, until you have 1-word answers? These are the core-values why you want to accomplish this specific goal.
  6. Who would you become, if you are this person, achieving these goals?
  7. If you achieve this goal?
    1. What will the impact be on others?
    2. Will any of it be harmful to you or others?
    3. What will the positive impact be on your family, and those around you, and on yourself?

If you don’t achieve this goal:

  1. What will the impact be on those around you?
  2. And on yourself?
  3. What will you be missing out on?

Is the scale tipping in favour of you becoming this person?

If Yes? What sacrifices do you need to make?

9. What is stopping you right now?

If you are sitting with self-sabotage, or a block of some sort-I would highly recommend you to book a session with a Coach to help you get unstuck. Sometimes through the right amount of will-power you will be able to pull through without any assistance.


  1. Resources:

I recently heard a story of Brene Brown. She said when she is getting ready to start writing a book, she first needs to get her cheerleaders in line. These people are her go-to people that will uplift her mood, give her new insights and teach her resilience, patience and everything she needs to be able to face her inner-critic and the many critics around her.

These people she might never meet face to face, she would tap into their blog articles, books, podcasts and Youtube videos.  By having that renewed energy, knowledge and willpower of those cheerleaders, she can start writing.

Who are the 5 people that you admire greatly?  Do they have resources that you can tap into?  Are there people that you could ask to act as a mentor for you in your life as well?

  1. Strategy

Can you write down what your end goal is on the top of a page of paper. And can you ask yourself, what should happen, just before reaching that stage? And write that down. And just before that.

Plot it down, all the way to the bottom of the page, of where you are at now.

Start noticing the different steps that you need to take. Don’t focus on the end goal-see what the first step is that you need to take and make it fun. Plan to do it, first thing in the morning, and let me know how it went?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step, what will yours be?

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