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New leadership announcement for Female Entrepreneur Collective

On 14 April 2017 I sat in my office, and looked at my computer. I was logged into Facebook. Staring at the screen, I was consumed with fear. A fear of what the future might hold. You see, shortly before this date i quit my job. I didn't quit my job to pursue some fluffy dream I had. I had literally had enough of office politics, of not being taken seriously, of bosses preying off of anxiety, and proverbially whipping you into submission to deliver way beyond what you get paid for. I was tired. I was scared. But, i was inspired. I wanted to succeed with everything in me. And I knew there were women out there that felt exactly the way I did....

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May I sleep on that? Is the customer, always right?

Is the customer always right? How often do you scramble to find answers to clients and feel that they are the stronger party in negotiations during a sales meeting? As Entrepreneurs, we need to constantly work on our self-worth to realize that we don’t need to have all the answers immediately. We can work out our pricing, based on what was discussed in the meeting and come back to them with an answer. And that sometimes we just need to think about it, or sleep on it first. You deserve a win-win I just read a disturbing article that showed that most of the JSE businesses and Government businesses don’t pay Small Businesses within 30 days. Sometimes they would even pay later than 110 days...

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How to Write a Business Plan in 10 Steps

As more and more people are setting up side hustles or starting their own full-time businesses, the value of a business plan has come under scrutiny in recent years. Some experts argue that unless you need funding, writing a business plan is a waste of time, especially if you have an agile business.   However, this view ignores a crucial benefit of a business plan that applies regardless of the size or type of business you run: it forces you to add substance to your plan to change the world. From describing your target market to identifying competitors and determining your break-even point, it helps you to determine whether your idea is viable before you take on debt or quit your day job.   A...

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Priorities and Procrastination

Getting things done often involves a lot of waiting. You send an email and wait for a reply. You request documentation and wait for delivery. Then there is the worst, most time-consuming waiting of all – getting yourself to do those things. We often tell ourselves we can’t act right now because we need more information, or we need to think about it more clearly, or we need to wait for the right moment to arrive. This postponing is a slippery slope towards never getting started.   A good way to fight procrastination is to have daily priorities and routines that eventually become habit. Which habits are the easiest to cultivate? The ones we don’t have time to think about and the ones we love...

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How to stand out from the noise in sales

Are you bombarded with advertising? Tired of being sold to?   Are you almost pre-programmed to say: No thank you, I’m not interested before someone has even spoken to you? Most people dislike being sold to, but do we love buying, don’t we?  So how can you as a Business Owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson, make the sales process easier, convenient and less draining?   Have a history and credentials Consumer research has shown that most buyers will do between 60 -80 % of their research online before ever speaking to a salesperson. Are you educating the client of your products, services, and the problems in your market online, through videos, writing blogs or even doing radio interviews? How does your company come across before...

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Top 16 social media mistakes made by small businesses

Social media is easy right? I'm betting you're shaking your head like "O hecks no". There are countless mistakes we all make in social media every day, no one is perfect, but if we do not try to do things correctly, we cannot expect the results. So, to help you on the road, here is a list of the Top 15 mistakes that are most often made by small businesses and entrepreneurs in social media. Posting in Facebook groups and expecting sales This is a BIG no-no. Why? Because everyone in your community and Advertising groups are there for exactly the same reason as you - to punt their products. Think about it, out of the 22 000 members in that special advertising group you...

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Self care date night – where last have you had one?

So many times weeks, months or even years go by where we give all we can to the ones we love to a point of where we don’t have anything left to ourselves. Sure we treat ourselves to a chocolate now and then or convince ourselves that this new dress for a client presentation is “a well-earned gift”. But how much and how often do we really take the time to take care of ourselves? Taking care of you is not just taking care physically, but also mentally and emotionally. It is vital for our bodies and our minds to have that break from the glaring screens and constant bickering – take yourself out, girl, you deserve this. It’s not breaking news that people are...

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Calculating your worth

As an entrepreneur, before you send out that first quotation, you need to decide what you are going charge your clients. How do you find the right balance between too high and too low? Should you charge hourly or per project? The answer isn’t straightforward and if you find yourself struggling with this problem, you are not alone. Once you leave the safety of a structured company to start your own business, all the various financial responsibilities now fall on your shoulders.  Ensuring your expenses are covered, never mind making a profit, depends on whether you charge enough.  To help you decide on exactly how much is enough, consider these four tips: Calculate a good average rate A good place to start is to question...

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