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Yoke van Dam

Managing Director, Trainer, Coach

Yoke van Dam is a catalyst for change. As a professional behavioural change coach, leadership coach, facilitator and trainer, she has more than 16 years’ experience in the corporate world.
For more than a decade Yoke has been helping companies, leaders and individuals with training, coaching and doing Keynotes. Yoke specialises in Neuro-linguistic programming to help sales leaders and executives develop tangible skills that deliver real outcomes.
Yoke has trained and presented more than 2300 hours.
Her experience includes training over 1700 sales executives, sales leaders, customer service agents, designers, marketers, lawyers, nurses and technicians.
Industries that she focuses on is the Automotive, Advertising, Publishing, Legal, Retail and Academic, Insurance and HR.
As a conscientious professional Yoke is passionate about finding out what makes people tick and teaching them tangible skills that deliver real outcomes.
In her corporate and individual training sessions she balances theory with practical solutions and always engages the audience to get them to communicate and come up with solutions.
As Managing Director of Y-Connect, Yoke works closely with sales teams, small groups, and corporate leaders to implement positive changes to their behaviour and attitude.
Y-Connects ‘Power of persuasion’ Workshop has been a huge success among entrepreneurs and sales executives. Yoke also coaches individual clients who wants to make a positive lifestyle or career change.
She completed her B.I.S Publishing degree through University of Pretoria in 2004 and in 2012 she was accredited as a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming though the NLP University and International USA -Inspiritu. She is acknowledged at Toastmasters International as a Distinguished Toastmaster and is a Toastmaster Leader Accredited Trainer (TLI). She has been a Toastmaster since 2008.


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