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Focusing on the strengths of individuals and teams, my work is designed to celebrate the positive core empowering clients to unleash their full potential.


Understanding who we are as individuals and collectively, provides a solid, stable core of certainty allowing us to thrive in an ever-changing world facing the 4th industrial revolution.


Coaching Philosophy


Appreciative Inquiry and the co-created, strengths based, solution focused approach that it teaches forms my personal and professional foundation.


Appreciate – valuing; the act of recognising the best in people or in the world around us; affirming pasts and present strengths, successes, and potentials; to perceive those things that give life (health, vitality, excellence) to living systems.


Inquire – the act of exploration and discovery; to ask questions; to be open to seeing new potentials and possibilities.


It is my belief that as we learn and apply the 5 Principles of Appreciative Inquiry and inculcate them (what do they look, sound and feel like) in our lives, we expand our sense of personal empowerment and volition.


Empowerment – the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.


Volition – the act of using your will to make a conscious decision / the power you have to decide something for yourself.





I started my career in commerce working primarily in the United Kingdom doing consulting work for large multi-nationals, medium sized companies and small start up’s. While the size and nature of the companies I worked with varied dramatically, the constant was my focus on working with organizations to improve their business process and increase their efficiencies. My strengths in communication skills and analytical, solution-focused thinking and my ability to deliver results meant that I was very successful in a number of large-scale IT system implementations including an SAP global roll-out across 34 countries for WorldCom.


On my return to South Africa I began working with non-profit organizations gaining experience in a very different sector of the economy. During this time, I gained insight into some of the very real problems facing our society and began to feel a strong desire to work with people to empower them to realise their strengths, articulate their desired future and develop strategies to achieve success.


The culmination of these experiences led to my decision to become a Personal Development and Business Coach and Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner. I completed my coaching training through New Insights South Africa and have Appreciative Inquiry Foundation and Appreciative Inquiry Coaching certifications through the Lincoln Workshop Series, accredited by NTL Institute and Case Western Reserve University in the United States. I am a COMENSA registered coach.


As Director of Change in Mindset, I spend my time working to achieve my vision.  In 2017 – 2018 I co-authored and published a Talent Maximiser and Personal Empowerment Journal with Hello Me Journals which I co-founded. In addition to my client work, my focus now is on producing material to be published across online platforms with the intention of reaching larger audiences at better prices in an effort to make coaching, empowerment and appreciative volition accessible to all.


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083 272 7075


Johannesburg, South Africa

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