Are you bombarded with advertising? Tired of being sold to?


Are you almost pre-programmed to say: No thank you, I’m not interested before someone has even spoken to you?

Most people dislike being sold to, but do we love buying, don’t we?  So how can you as a Business Owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson, make the sales process easier, convenient and less draining?


  1. Have a history and credentials

Consumer research has shown that most buyers will do between 60 -80 % of their research online before ever speaking to a salesperson. Are you educating the client of your products, services, and the problems in your market online, through videos, writing blogs or even doing radio interviews?

How does your company come across before they’ve walked through your doors? Gone are the days when a Face to face interaction is the first time, they’ve ever heard of you.  Should your salesperson call their business and they google you-what will they find?

Are you creating a solid online reputation for yourself, and are you monitoring any complaints or compliments coming your way? If you want a tool to build trust before a client has even met you,  get it here

  1. Convenience is key

Technology has made a lot of people seriously phone shy! Many of us prefer sending an email or a text compared to picking up the phone and just calling someone. I’m sure you’ve interacted with a few bots instead of call centers lately.

In my first interview on Radio Today, Dave Nemeth and I discussed Consumer behavior in the Car industry. The research showed that Consumers preferred driving to a physical dealership first, then calling, and only after that would they email.  This proved that consumers don’t like getting spam, they don’t want to submit to their details-they would rather just go and see the product and buy it.

Are you stopping your clients from visiting your premises or having your number?

In what way does your client want to buy, can they pay via EFT, Credit Card or what other way do they want to buy from you? Make it convenient and easy for them.


  1. Communicate well

As a trainer in Communication, I am often shocked at the lack of people skills of salespeople in the service industry.  We recently viewed a property and the Real Estate agent, was responding in one-liner emails, never answering the questions, never making us feel safe or that we are a priority client in his life.

Review your communication-how long does it take you to respond to emails and voice messages. Do you monitor your social media accounts and get back to clients within a few hours?  Do you make clients feel safe, important and answer their questions?

An African proverb says: “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”.

  1. Put yourself in the client’s shoes.

In another interview with Dave Nemeth, he asked me, is sales a skill that can be taught? Or should you be born as a Salesperson?

In short:  Imagine that you are your client, imagine what problems they are experiencing, how their environment looks, and what will happen if they don’t resolve their problems. Can your product or service help them through this period, can it give them a different outcome? If yes-then sell it to them. If not-walk away.

Sales is a skill that can be taught, the most important part of sales is caring about the client, seeing things from their perspective, focusing on their growth and their solutions, not on your product or service. This is purely the vehicle getting them to the outcome they desire.

Thus our sales tips for the month are: Give them your credentials, so they know that you are the expert they are dealing with.  Make it convenient and easy for them to buy. Remove all the barriers from buying for your client.  Communicate and even over-communicate to your client and lastly, put yourself in their shoes-see things from their perspective and that will make the world of a difference.


Bio of author:

Yoke van Dam is the Managing director of Y-Connect. She is an International trainer, a Behaviour Change Coach and Speaker.  She writes for the Female Entrepreneurship Collective and is often interviewed on MIX FM, and Radio Today discussing Persuasion, Presentations and Sales. She asks the question: What attitude, behaviour or skill is costing your business money?


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