This year, let’s make a pact not to get overwhelmed. Maybe this year we should let technology help us out a little and free us up to make those new connections and keep our ideas and creativity flowing.

All we need is a little more time, right? So let’s look at some apps that could ease some of the burden so we now have the time concentrate on the things that really matter where our businesses and homes are concerned.


lets you create, edit and share your mind maps on your phone or tablet. If you’re the person that gets and idea on the go, this app might just be for you. It helps you gather your thoughts into a mind map. The ability to share the maps with other users is an awesome feature when you’re brainstorming with a team because everyone can edit the mind map from their device.

Rescue Time:

Designed to help you stay organised and on track, Rescue Time reveals the total time your little self spent online. The app will clearly point out how much time you’re using to handle your emails, engaging on social media, or even searching the web, which, when you’re prone to goof around a bit, is really helpful. Set reminders and alerts and these will keep you on the right track.


is a free budget planner for South Africans that can help us entrepreneurs at Fensa manage our money well. This app safely links to your bank cards so you see your money in one place. Create a budget to manage spending, keep track of where your money is spent, invest a little left over tax free and online.

Unplug Guided Meditation

is a video-based meditation app for all levels of meditation. Powerful meditation videos allow you to set the days and times for your meditation practice, as well as the goals of your practice eg sleep or stress. The videos run from 3-45 minutes and give you the opportunity to track your progress. The cost of the app is $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year but try it for seven days first and see what you think.
If you’e looking for a free guided meditation app then Insight Timer is the one for you. With a choice of 12 000 guided meditations, it’s no wonder that this is one of the more popular apps to download. (Note: It’s only free if you’re online, if you’re hoping to download guided meditation then there is a charge of $4.99 a month.

If you don’t own a fitness band or watch that helps you figure out sleeping patterns, then perhaps you’d consider downloading an aid to track your sleeping patterns. An app called

Sleep Time

. It cleverly observes your sleep and makes suggestions for improvements. The library of relaxing sounds available to you will also help you fall asleep quickly. Once the app is opened, place it under your pillow and from there it detects how you’ve slept from your movement.

And finally, the podcasts. There’s a podcast for any and every mood you’re in and you will learn a lot. Whether you need tips on running your business, whether you’re hoping to add some spirituality to your life, or you want to learn how something works – there’s a podcast for you – really, sales, marketing, mindset, science, fitness, wellness – it’s all available to you! They are the most efficient way to learn new information, especially if you’re on the go. Play them in the car or when you’re working around the house or sitting at your desk, they are an amazing tool for levelling up your mindset and skills. Learn from some of the greats!

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